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For those not familiar with the intricate workings of the House of Doll (And, since I've been dead silent for six weeks and we've grown somewhat in even that short space of time, I don't expect many of you to be) it can be a confusing place - and thus I present this, a handy cheat sheet for you to refer to whenever perplexed or befuddled by the goings on of the House.

*A Work In Progress*

The Universes

The House Of Doll

Characters: All
Basic Features: The 'real world' or OOC universe. Dolls know they are dolls. Characters from different storylines interact and occasionally act out of character. Ash (AKA me) is present as landlord/victim/strait-faced guy offstage.

The House of Doll is the universe you see most often in my photostories. The dolls genuinely are dolls and, although alive and animate, are restricted by their size in a 1:1 scale environment (Namely my home). They are the same characters as in the other universes, and subject to the same storylines, but exist in an 'alternate universe' state - much like actors temporarily removed from filming. Doll-specific oddities, like floating heads, restringing, head-switching and relative scales are understood and taken in their stride, although none of my doll characters exist in an in-character universe where a disembodied, bald and colourless talking head would be normal or indeed desirable. Most universe-specific and 'overpowering' abilities, like Jack and Bonny's time travelling, Rowan or Hezekiah's magic, or Sugar and Spice's shapechanging ability, don't work or are rarely used simply for narrative purposes. Rules of various universes may be bent, but never broken - nobody gains abilities or skills or loses resctrictions they wouldn't possess in their own universe, but for narrative purposes certain rules are 'tweaked' - for example, Hezekiah can't take physical form without the Aloysus's help even in this universe, but his occasional appearances can be explained as him 'possessing' whoever's body he's borrowing. The presence of a real-life genuine human (Moi) is likewise taken for granted and exploited.

'The House Of Doll' is a name I just came up with, which it seemed nobody else had used, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the novel The House of Dolls (Although it is a rather good novel).

Largely after watershed sit-com/drama.


Characters: Jack, Bonny, Isabella, Icarus, Rowan
Basic Features: Dolls are human or humanoid. Multi-planar universe, one of which is the 'real world' we ourselves live in. Time and planar travel possible and indeed easy if you know how.

Jack and Bonny are time travellers born at the end of the twentieth century (To likewise time-travelling parents, their mother from 1920's Japan, their father from 2080's Britain) and educated in a special Academy for travelling through time and space. When the Academy was destroyed on graduation day (Jack and Bonny were sixteen and had just finished their first set of exams) they went into hiding in an alternate universe identical to our own, except that human beings never evolved. Thus most of the plants and animals are exactly the same, but there's not much company. On their travels through space and time, they pick up a lot of flotsam and jetsam, including other people - like Isabella, Icarus, Rowan and their other companions. Isabella, Icarus and Rowan all come from alternate universes, but most of their companions are actually from the main timeline of our universe.

'Zeitgeist' is a German loan-word which means 'the spirit of an era'.

Action-adventure, with romance and comedy. Sometimes rated 18/R, but rarely seriously unpleasant.

Dark Side Of The Moon

Characters: Rowan, Columbia, Artemis
Basic Features: Dolls are humanoid. One of the alternate universes visited in the Zeitgeist storyline. Rowan's extended family are evil overlords resident in a sprawling castle the centre of their (Largely unscalable mountain or unmapped tundra) domain.

Rowan, his mother, father, younger brother and sister, aunts and uncles (Two uncles and an aunt on his father's side, an aunt and an uncle on his mother's), cousins (Four girls, including Columbia, to one of his paternal uncles and a girl and a boy to his maternal uncle), numerous minions (Around half of the family have their own personal assistants, including Rowan, who's partnered with the incorrigable and largely insane duo Keaton and Linacre) and occasional pet (A few dogs, a cat, the stable of Nightmares, his father's Dragons and Rowan's own pet zombie, Mr Oozles II) are clustered together into one creepy, run-down evil overlord's castle in the middle of nowhere, which is a recipe for disaster with any family, let alone one that includes three asassins, two Dragonlords, three budding evokers, two alchemists, a dreamwalker, a showgirl, two half-Succubi, a witch who's accidentally reversed her aging process and a lawyer in drag.

'Dark Side Of The Moon' is A. An awesome album by Pink Floyd and B. Derived from the family name, Lunenoir, which is French for 'Black Moon'.

Dark comedy, and I mean dark.

3, 6, 9 Seconds of Light

Characters: Bertie, Sj, Neville
Basic Features: Alternate universe, superficially, politically and technologically similar to early 90's Britain, just-about-post Depression, heavily predjudiced (As as well as sexism, racism and homophobia, in this universe you can have speciesism as well).

Bertie Wooster, cat boy, orphan, decended from landed gentry, is a struggling photographer until the day he runs (literally) into his boyfriend and muse, Sj. Slowly, his house begins to fill with random strays as Bertie proves he absolutely can't turn anybody away if he could possibly help them out - including orphaned elf Neville, Sj's little sister Lisa, and a number of other misfits.

'3, 6, 9 Seconds of Light' is the title of a Belle & Sebastian EP, and refers to the two main influences of the series - photography, and art school rock.

Gritty realism, which is quite tricky really given the setting.

Something Wicked

Characters: Alistair, Nathaniel, Moscow, Sugar, Spice
Basic Features: Alternate universe fantasy setting, climate, culture and technology levels roughly similar to late 1600's/early 1700's northern Europe (Germany/Russia/places inbetween). Sufficient belief in a monster or fairytale creature will give them form and a semblance of life and intelligence, especially the belief of children. These monsters are hunted down and used to supply an energy similar to electricity, which is a risky and highly inadvisable occupation.

Alistair Grimm, assisted by a bounty hunter and her new (And inexperienced) assistant, is the custodian of the Vault - as the place where the monster are kept is known. The wintery landscape around them is haunted by creatures literally taken from nightmares, fairy tales and stories around the campfire at night, brought to a kind of life by the belief of children and usually leaving trails of corpses behind them. Hunted down, captured and wired into a system that serves only to supply the richest members of various towns with hot water and smokeless lights, the monsters sleep in the underground tunnels - while those who keep them can only hope they never wake up.

'Something Wicked' is from a famous line in Shakespeare's Macbeth - 'By the pricking in my thumbs//Something wicked this way comes'

Dark psychological/supernatural thriller.

Others, Or, Stuff I Haven't Thought Of Names For Yet

There's a lot of these.

The One With Pirates - I've fallen in love with two LE fullsets (Latidoll Templar Knight ver. Elf K and Volks SD17 Reisner) who have managed to create their own storyline as dashing pirate captain Samuel Lazarus (Reisner) and aviator Yaci (Short for Hyacinth - wouldya believe it, it's actually a boy's name?) Manasseh. There's also a gap in the storyline for gypsy queen Miele Chavvah, who hasn't presented herself in doll form yet. Technologically, stylistically and magically just about in canon with other pirate movies - Being mid-1700's fantasy, with plenty of magic and mystery but very little actually under the control of the characters - with a few notable exceptions, such as Yaci's dirigible (A pretty primitive creation, but an airship none-the-less) and the size and capabilities of Sam's tallship, the Nebuchadnezzer.

The One With Dragons - Starring my newest little amnesiac, Kittie, and a host of other characters (All mini or smaller, incidentally - I made the decision when writing the outline for this story that as Kittie, at 40cm tall, was meant to be a young adult, I wasn't going to go over 45cm for an adult human/humanoid), this is High Fantasy at it's best - totally impractical and yet stunningly awesome outfits, noble causes, fantastical creatures, plenty of magic, a prince, a princess, a kingdom at stake, adventure, glory, friendship, romance, and lots of dragons. Because I like dragons.

The One With Demons - Set in an AU early Renaissance Europe, where there are two main branches of the Church (I haven't thought of names yet) - the good guys, who wear black and do weddings and funerals and get given tea and cakes, and the not-so-good guys, who wear white and do the trying and the burning and the excommunicating and the asking questions with pointy objects - and the communing with demons, for reasons not made entirely clear. Aloysius (Because I had trouble with this name to start off with, I had best point out this is pronounced a-loh-wish-us) Malam is one of the guys in white, and has for a while now been responsible for getting aid and information out of a particularly cunning and unpleasant demon named Hezekiah, who has a particular affinity with mirrors (They're both 2007 NaNuRi, if you're interested - Aloysius is getting his teeth gouged out and his eyes opened some, but otherwise they're nearly identical, just different skintones). The castlist also includes his best friend, Seamus (One of the guys in black - who, incidentally, can get married. The guys in white can't) and Seamus's fiancee, Erzabet, who is not nearly as quiet and well behaved as she makes out.

The One I Can't Think Of An Easy Title For - Low magic medieval fantasy (A la Lord Of The Rings, but with better outfits and more in-canon yaoi, dammit) starring Ishmael (Juri 2006), renegade, wanderer, and 'accidental' rescuer of Coyolxauhqui (I have trouble making up fantasy names, so I nick ones from mythology and other languages), Consort Prince and bethrothed of the (Now dead) Infanta of a neighbouring kingdom. The dominant religion of the region breeds the consort princes and princesses and uses them to choose the next generation of rulers and promote harmony - if the first-born son of a particular king has nasty ideas about religion or war, send a consort princess for the second-born son and the sucession defaults to him. If there's a nice, thick female cousin, even better - she marries a suitably intelligent consort prince, she'll be technically in charge but following her husband's advice, which will of course be based on the instructions of the temple. Of course, people try to cheat the system - since whoever gets the consort gets the throne - In Xauhqui's case, the princess he was meant to be marrying died first (Possibly murdered) and the last king's First Minister is trying to manipulate events to get himself on the throne. Except Ishmael goes and nicks the consort prince out from under his nose, without actually realising what he's doing...

The Other Stuff - This is generally stories I've come up with, know are specifically for dolls, but just haven't got around to doing any serious writing, finalising cast lists, or even choosing sculpts for. One features a pair of young men who've just become roommates, only to discover that their flat previously belonged to an occult-obsessed medium and there's a lot of weird crap still lurking around. This one actually has a pretty solid cast list, story arc and I've even done a lot of very sketchy writing for it, but I can't afford to support another storyline at the moment. Supporting characters include Shoulder Angel and Shoulder Devil Flik and Flak, who were fired from their last gig for an incident involving several innocent bystanders and a goat, The Monster Under The Bed, who's studying to become a barrister, a possessed doll, a heavenly warlord who got lost in a mobius strip, the ghost of a French maid (Who is both French, and has the outfit) and an Egyptian deity who's been locked in a book for six hundred years.

There's another one which features a creepy old mansion house and a young gentleman who can see ghosts. They're pretty kick-ass ghosts, too. And by kick-ass, I mean gross, but cool.

There's a very insubstantial one that involves humanoid computers. I just need to come up with a plotline.


In some vague, half-assed order:

Resident In The House At Present:

On Layaway:


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