Ash (brsis) wrote in houseofdoll,

I Got Life (Elf El, R. Dillui)

Some harmless fluff, to a somewhat modified tune by Nina Simone. I can too do hetrosexual romances, dammit!

Ain't got no home, ain't got no shoes

Ain't got no friends, ain't got no schooling

Ain't got no ticket, ain't got no token

What have I got? Why am I alive anyway? What have I got that nobody can take away?

Got my hair, got my head, got my brains, got my ears,

Got my legs, got my feet, got my toes

Got my arms, got my hands, got my fingers

I got my heart, got my soul, got my back

I got my eyes, I got my nose

I got my mouth

I got my smile

I got my freedom

I got life
Tags: balliol, columbia, photoshoot, romance
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