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Room Service (Whole Cast, At Time)

I fail so badly.

The pictures and the writing for these was done not long after Neville arrived - that being last September. I've only just rediscovered and finished it.

Although I may now have to commit seppuku by falling on my sword DS stylus, it's finally done and uploaded for your entertainment.

To recap: Isabella (Elf Yder, red dialogue) has accompanied moi (Human, mostly, dark-red dialogue) away for a few days - leaving Jack (Too, royal blue), Bonny (Bee-A, magenta), Rowan (Elf Ducan, grey), Bertie (Elf Yder cat mod, brown), Columbia (Romantic Dillui, pink), Sj (NaNuRi, green) and the 1/6th crew (Assorted Dollfie and Obitsu) to fend for themselves.

Warnings for: Mild boyxboy snuggling, mild swearing, crossdressing, panties, maid uniforms, violence towards soft toys, taking the Lord's name in vain and implied cannibalism (What more could you possible want?)

Picture count: Seventy

Tags: bertie, bonny, isabella, jack, maggot, neville, photostory, rowan, sj
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