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Remember when I used to do those cute little news posts to let you know where I was in the world, what was happening, what new arrivals I had and who I was lusting after? Yeah, that's what this is.

I am so close to having a semi-decent area to take photos in, and some photography lights of my own so that I no longer have to rely on the fact that sunlight these days runs from half nine to half three and not a minute later! Hopefully I'll then feel like taking some photos.

The doll collection is currently up to fourteen, plus heads (Not really counted all of them yet...), with two (Possibly three) more on the way. Kittie's other brother should hopefully finally be making an appearance, along with a little guy (Or, if I'm lucky, two little guys) who will hopefully serve to cheer me up some.

I missed out on the new Breakaway release, which was... well, beyond irritating. If he'd been released one week later I would have snagged myself two of the buggers, one in each skin tone, and been exstatically beyond happy, not to mention in possession of a beautifully made-up ginger bishie who happens to be somewhat related to some of my current cast, a project doll nicely coinciding with my newfound fascination with Kabuki, and possible shells for Azazel and Papaver Somniferum. Not to mention a tiny kitty in a maid outfit. But such is life...

Well now. That brings me to my wishlist at present. I've finally got my head sorted and stopped lusting after unobtainable limited editions - dolls that WERE going to be particular limiteds have now largely been shifted over to their non-limited counterparts or some other sculpt, without serious insult or injury, proving that I really was just being stupid about it. This means I can now concentrate on my storylines. That's not to say I wouldn't attempt blindfolded open heart surgery on myself for a normal skin Bloody Valentine Version Breakaway with the default make up (And would do so whilst juggling chainsaws for the aforementioned with slightly customised eyebrows, just a bit more auburn coloured...) but I'm being more realistic about my doll purchases, and hopefully not buying quite so many...

Photostories are in the works... as are interviews. It appears that Atziluth has died horrible without warning, which was irritating to say the least, so I'm trying to re-write all the profiles from memory. This is not easy.
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