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The House Of Doll
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Saturday, February 9th, 2008
11:22 am
Hey, You! (Bee-A, Elf Ducan, Breakaway, MNF Elf Shiwoo, Censya)
University = Work

Work =/= Free Time

Negative Free Time = Dolls Feeling Abandoned and Put Apon

D.F.A.a.P.A = Chaos

Some not safe for work langauge, probably, but otherwise pretty much okay.

I See No Ships!Collapse )
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
7:57 pm
Interviews: The Usual Suspects
And so the interviews resume, after a long break. This is a slightly-modified version of a list of questions I ganked off someone who ganked them off someone else who- well, you get the picture. In other words, feel free to steal the questions as much as you want - obviously I'm going to be somewhat peeved if you steal my answers.

In case you're interested, you can find/remind yourself of the interviews with Jack and Bonny and Isabella, Icarus and Rowan elsewhere on this journal.

And now - the Usual Suspects.

The Usual Suspects is the name I give to a group of characters who evolved out of some old RPG characters of mine. They now coexist in the same universe - one where there is a subtle vein of magic running in the background of the modern world - ever present, but largely undiscovered. In game terms, it's a modified version of the Urban Arcana universe with a large number of cross-over references.

Currently only Kiku and Sesame are living with me - I hope to bring Often and Logic home later this year, and so far I haven't found a sculpt for Matteo yet (Just as well, really - I need another mod project like I need a hole in the head).

Akikune Nakamura - Urban SamuraiCollapse )

Logic Lane - NinjaCollapse )

Often Ravin - Modern Day MageCollapse )

Sesame - Goverment Genetics ProjectCollapse )

Matthew di Angelo - Mafia PetCollapse )
6:25 pm
Breaking News
Remember when I used to do those cute little news posts to let you know where I was in the world, what was happening, what new arrivals I had and who I was lusting after? Yeah, that's what this is.

I am so close to having a semi-decent area to take photos in, and some photography lights of my own so that I no longer have to rely on the fact that sunlight these days runs from half nine to half three and not a minute later! Hopefully I'll then feel like taking some photos.

The doll collection is currently up to fourteen, plus heads (Not really counted all of them yet...), with two (Possibly three) more on the way. Kittie's other brother should hopefully finally be making an appearance, along with a little guy (Or, if I'm lucky, two little guys) who will hopefully serve to cheer me up some.

I missed out on the new Breakaway release, which was... well, beyond irritating. If he'd been released one week later I would have snagged myself two of the buggers, one in each skin tone, and been exstatically beyond happy, not to mention in possession of a beautifully made-up ginger bishie who happens to be somewhat related to some of my current cast, a project doll nicely coinciding with my newfound fascination with Kabuki, and possible shells for Azazel and Papaver Somniferum. Not to mention a tiny kitty in a maid outfit. But such is life...

Well now. That brings me to my wishlist at present. I've finally got my head sorted and stopped lusting after unobtainable limited editions - dolls that WERE going to be particular limiteds have now largely been shifted over to their non-limited counterparts or some other sculpt, without serious insult or injury, proving that I really was just being stupid about it. This means I can now concentrate on my storylines. That's not to say I wouldn't attempt blindfolded open heart surgery on myself for a normal skin Bloody Valentine Version Breakaway with the default make up (And would do so whilst juggling chainsaws for the aforementioned with slightly customised eyebrows, just a bit more auburn coloured...) but I'm being more realistic about my doll purchases, and hopefully not buying quite so many...

Photostories are in the works... as are interviews. It appears that Atziluth has died horrible without warning, which was irritating to say the least, so I'm trying to re-write all the profiles from memory. This is not easy.
Friday, January 11th, 2008
3:59 pm
Room Service (Whole Cast, At Time)
I fail so badly.

The pictures and the writing for these was done not long after Neville arrived - that being last September. I've only just rediscovered and finished it.

Although I may now have to commit seppuku by falling on my sword DS stylus, it's finally done and uploaded for your entertainment.

To recap: Isabella (Elf Yder, red dialogue) has accompanied moi (Human, mostly, dark-red dialogue) away for a few days - leaving Jack (Too, royal blue), Bonny (Bee-A, magenta), Rowan (Elf Ducan, grey), Bertie (Elf Yder cat mod, brown), Columbia (Romantic Dillui, pink), Sj (NaNuRi, green) and the 1/6th crew (Assorted Dollfie and Obitsu) to fend for themselves.

Warnings for: Mild boyxboy snuggling, mild swearing, crossdressing, panties, maid uniforms, violence towards soft toys, taking the Lord's name in vain and implied cannibalism (What more could you possible want?)

Picture count: Seventy

Would you like some cheese with that whine?Collapse )
Monday, January 7th, 2008
2:03 pm
Blowing Away The Cobwebs
Oh dear. What happened?

Well, University, that's what happened. And suddenly finding myself with a job, a full-time course, essays, Japanese homework, an actual social life, building work (Ongoing for several months now, because it relys on my father's free time and my ability to tidy up after myself - neither of which are plentiful) and the failing light at this end of the year, some things got a little... sidetracked.

I am now the proud owner of seven SDs and three minis, with two more on the way, I think ten SD heads and four mini, although I haven't opened the box to check, my lone and underappreciated tiny Moscow, and eight miscellaneous dollfies and obitsus.

I am now in desperate need of getting Bonny a new body, as I appear to have *ahem* sold her old one, as well as at least one normal skin CP Delf girl body, because I have somehow aquired at least three heads that require one and my only SD sized girl is Columbia, being SOOM Cream White and thus totally unmatchable with any other resin colour ever.

I sincerely doubt that I'll have any time this holiday (Thanks to a 400-character Japanese essay and the fact that I'm currently living in the domestic equivilent of a bomb site) to do anything except possible make a few outfits and take pictures if you're lucky, but I can at least promise that I'll warn you all in future of when term time approaches and my free time suddenly dissapears.

Well, that's all for now. Sorry, and Thank You if you're actually still reading this. I promise I'll make up for it eventually.
Thursday, October 11th, 2007
4:18 pm
Portraits (R.Dillui, Too, DDII, M.Censya, NNR06, Juri06 x2, E.Yder, V.E.MNF Shiwoo, Breakaway)
Holy moly that's a lot of dolls. So many I can bearly squish them into the title line, and have just realised than unless you're familiar with the terminology, only in a way that makes no sense. What that's mean to say is that here we have a Romantic Dillui (Columbia), a Too (Jack), a Dolfie Dream II (Akikune), a Mystic Censya (Unknown as of yet), a 2006 NaNuRi (Sj), two 2006 Juri (Again, unknown), an Elf Yder (Isabella), a Vampire Elf Minifee Shiwoo (Osei), and a Breakaway (Lucifer). So now you know.

The batteries on my camera were failing, my rooms are being redecorated and thus looks like crap, and I'd realised that I didn't have decent profile pictures for most of my dolls. Bodyswapping ensued. With some of the heads, like Osei, I've just never really had them out of the box for photos - Kiku has photos but they were done on the fly and are shoddy - Lucifer's brand new - Columbia, being a mysterious shade that neither my old nor my new camera could successfully handle, just doesn't photograph terribly well - and for some strange reason, Sj, Jack and Isabella are camera shy. They're in the photostories as much as the others, but unlike Rowan and Bonny, they just don't seem to naturally end up with really nice, clean, portrait style photographs. Balliol does already, and surprisingly enough so does Kittie, who has an almost total lack of personality so far, but Neville and Bertie are just as shy - I just happen to have sat down with them to take portraits already.

So: Here we are. Portraits!
Pretty Photos, Rambling, Boobage, And Plus Osei Is DeadCollapse )
Saturday, October 6th, 2007
9:15 pm
There Must Be An Angel... (Elf Yder, Elf Ducan)
Noone on earth could feel like this
I'm thrown and overthrown with bliss
There must be an angel
Playing with my heart
I walk into an empty room
Suddenly my heart goes bo-o-oom
It's an orchestra of angels
And they're playing with my heart...
~ There Must Be An Angel, The Eurythmics

I got this outfit from a wonderful seamstress who had it on sale at JapanEx, with the intention of putting it on 'Xauhqui when he arrives, but as it seems like it's going to be longer and longer before my Consort Prince finally turns up I thought I'd try it on Isabella. He was not amused.

Also after I did Isabella's scars, many people requested backstory. Here you are. Thus - wordy.

Also also - there's another photostory that should come before this one, but it's really long and I'm not finished working through all the photos yet, so enjoy this out-of-continuum interlude.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This...Collapse )
Sunday, September 30th, 2007
7:08 pm
Autumn Warrior (DD Mod)
After swearing for nigh on a year that there was no point in getting girl dolls because I'd just dress them exactly the same as the boy dolls (Jack and Isabella being cases in point) except their clothes were more difficult to make, I not only buy two girls in quick succession, but one of them's this girl.

Akikune Nakamura is - well - one of the more unique dolls I've had so far, and that's saying something. Aside from the fact that she never speaks, carries a katana with her everywhere, and wears a 24FFF in bras, she appears to have a relitively normal taste in clothes, given that I have discovered that there is actually no way of photographing that chest tastefully.

Thus follows some not-very-tasteful-but-dammit-I-was-trying photographs, with an extreme warning for copious boobage.

NB: For those of you who noticed, yes - Kiku is (Or rather was) Guide's Ronnie, who's now aaaaaaall mine and slotted very neatly into the ghost of an old RPG character of mine. I'm gonna paint her some Japanese style tattoos (Eventually) and see if I can't find or mod her a pair of OMFG mega high heel feet, just so I can make her insane stripper shoes, although she's actually going to wear boots most of the time.

Cut For First And Second Place In The Zeppelin RaceCollapse )
6:48 pm
I Got Life (Elf El, R. Dillui)
Some harmless fluff, to a somewhat modified tune by Nina Simone. I can too do hetrosexual romances, dammit!

Ain't got no home, ain't got no shoes
I Got No LJ Space...Collapse )
Sunday, September 9th, 2007
7:08 pm
Diana (Latidoll Censya Piloneer)
This is my newest adition to the family.

She's an amnesiac, and as such we haven't been able to get much out of her about who she is or where she's come from. So far she's answered to the name of Kittie. But she is absolutely beautiful and I love her to bits, and the light on the veranda was pretty good, so:

Goddess Of The HuntCollapse )
Friday, September 7th, 2007
7:03 pm
A Prelude: The Prince, In The Library, With A Dictionary (Elf Yder)
For those of you who have no played Cluedo: It's a crap title, ignore it. That, incidentally, is my unread book pile - I have removed a few volumes and added quite a few more to that pile since, and it currently comes to above my knee.

This sets the stage for a really massive photostory I'm still working through, so watch this space.

Language LessonsCollapse )
Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
8:07 pm
Of Horcruxes, Hallows and Horrible Deaths...
Now, first of all I must admit - this photostory is old. As in, I made it the day after I finished the book. The first time round. I.E. Within three days of it being released.

Having said that - it's still somewhat amusing.

Adavra Kevada!Collapse )
Saturday, September 1st, 2007
3:58 pm
Two Little Elves From School Are We... (Elf El, MNF Elf Shiwoo)
I haven't got around to doing the photostories introducing them yet, so I thought I'd share a quick couple of pictures introducing my two newest boys.

Meet Neville, my Minifee Elf Shiwoo. At thirteen, Neville is the youngest of my crew so far - and also slightly emo. Bonny's convinced she can beat it out of him.

And one without his wig. That blushing was probably a tad feminine, now I think about it.

Also, please meet Balliol - as in the college, not the demon - zepplin flying sky-pirate elf. Aside from being a dashing aviator, he's also currently putting his thieving skills to good use by stealing clothes from the only remotely masculine members of the household (Namely Rowan and Bertie). He's currently waiting not only on his wardrobe (Largely drawn from Errol Flinn movies) but a wig in the right colour - naturally, the poor sod's as ginger as I am.

And again, wigless to show off his face up, which was done within a few hours of him arriving. If only I could get that sort of enthusiasm together with my floating heads...

They may be different sizes, different skintones, and from completely different universes, but these two get along quite well. After all, Neville needs a better father figure than Bertie or SJ.
Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
7:38 pm
The Prince (Elf Yder)
I redid Isabella's face up and body blushing - and finally got around to his war wounds. I shouldn't have favourites, but I think Isabella is probably mine. He's so strikingly beautiful, I love his character, and his backstory is one of my best, I think. Plus he dresses well.

There's a teensy bit of nudity (Nothing racy, just some bare backs and legs). These photos were taken in my conservatory, which is why we found a little friend...

Without You, I'm NothingCollapse )
Friday, July 27th, 2007
9:43 pm
For those not familiar with the intricate workings of the House of Doll (And, since I've been dead silent for six weeks and we've grown somewhat in even that short space of time, I don't expect many of you to be) it can be a confusing place - and thus I present this, a handy cheat sheet for you to refer to whenever perplexed or befuddled by the goings on of the House.

*A Work In Progress*

The Universes
The House Of DollCollapse )

ZeitgeistCollapse )

Dark Side Of The MoonCollapse )

3, 6, 9 Seconds Of LightCollapse )

Something WickedCollapse )

Others, Or, Stuff I Haven't Thought Of Names For YetCollapse )


In some vague, half-assed order:

Resident In The House At Present:

Jack Gabriel Dorian Cobalt Elizabeth 'Kaoru' WildeCollapse )

Bonny Bambolina Ivory Victory Spitfire 'Kohaku' WildeCollapse )

Isabella D'UrulokiCollapse )

Icarus D'UrulokiCollapse )

Bertrum WoosterCollapse )

Johnathon SebastianCollapse )

Rowan LunenoirCollapse )

Columbia LunenoirCollapse )

Alistair GrimmCollapse )

Nathaniel SeraphimCollapse )

MoscowCollapse )

Neville MalintinweCollapse )

OseiCollapse )

Artemis MeaCollapse )

HesebediahCollapse )

SugarCollapse )

SpiceCollapse )

The Juri With No NameCollapse )

On Layaway:

BalliolCollapse )

AmaryllisCollapse )

Aloysus Guiseppe MalamCollapse )


HitomiCollapse )

UotaniCollapse )

KotokoCollapse )

HanasuCollapse )

MitsukoCollapse )
Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
6:28 pm
Outright Cowardice (Elf Ducan)
Can it be? No, impossible... yet here we are. Updates!

This photostory is actually at least six weeks old, if not older. And as soon as it stops raining, I'll make more.

Retreat! Retreat!Collapse )
Sunday, July 15th, 2007
9:09 pm
Ignore The Sound Of Banjos In The Distance...
I do apologise for the six-week silence, but I assure you I've had an excellent reason - namely my older brother landing himself in hospital. I'm only just about recovering.

There is much news and newness. Jack and Isabella have been stripped and repainted - I have some pictures of Isabella I will be uploading soon, when I can persuade Photobucket to work. They're very impressive pictures thanks to my shiny new digital camera, which was a birthday present. I haven't actually used it much but it's wunderbar.

I have two pretty Juri 2006 heads that are new - one is a relative of not one but two dolls of mine, the other is an all new character I haven't actually got a name for yet, but he's a right card - a smattering of 1/6th dollfies to play with, and several new dolls on the way. Mini-Otaku and Osei's head, Cerberus Project Mini Fee Elf Shiwoo and Elf Shiwoo Vampire respectively, should be arriving sometime this week - just in time to come to JapanEx - and hopefully accompanied by a certain fangy elf boy who's most likely going to be my pale and interesting Consort-Prince, aforementioned nameless Juri '06s boyfriend. I have Balliol, Elf El 2006, on layaway which should be completed at the end of the month, and a girl who I'm calling Amaryllis for now on a three month layaway - she's a Latidoll Censya Piloneer fullset, with both heads and all the extras. I'm hoping to get Icarus a body at the beggining of next month, along with a couple of spare heads (I can't resist a spare head and the Elf Chiwoos are adorable) and hopefully the month after that, barring the turning up of any of my wishlist dolls (And they do have a habit of doing that) I'm going to be getting a particularly fun couple - partially for the hell of it, partially for the awesome mods, and partially just to prove I can too write hetrosexual couples. I just usually... don't.

My wishlist has grown exponentially. Not withstanding standard models and those I'm mentioned above (So basically only LE's I'm scrounging the marketplace for), I'm still (Still!) looking for a white-skinned Breakaway, a vampire Elf El, and SD-17 Reisner (Lucifer, Azazel, and Sam Lazarus respectively). Since I have doubles of all the other CP event heads and I do actually really like having more than one variation of a particular sculpt, I quite want a white-skinned 2006 Na-Nu-Ri to turn into a certain heavily inked lady-friend of Sj's called Grace (Who presents the interesting challenge of me having to mod a CP boy body into a girl body - well, actually, with CP boy legs that isn't going to be too hard, but I still want the breadth of shoulders and thickness in the waist). Also the new Limwha Mano is gorgeous.

On the scale of fairly possible but expensive and/or unlikely, I want Censya's opposite number Khan (Will all optional extras and both heads, if possible), a Mini Fee Elf Shushu vampire, preferably in white skin (My Madraykin), Latidoll Aida (Preferably with clawed hands and maybe wig, the rest is optional), and Chaim's head (Nuffield, the Aida, might get his faceup changed, but Magdalen, the Chaim, definately will and is going to be put on a girl's body modded to male, so I don't need ANY of the other stuff - although his clawed hands would be cool). On the off-the-charts area of Ain't Gonna Happen, But I Can Dream, I would love to own a Latidoll Adel (He doesn't have to be fullset - in fact, I don't need the wings, the outfit, the boots, the wig, or even the eyes, as long as he has his original face-up and his clawed hands - as he's going to be come my dashing pirate-aviator Radcliffe) or the new, incredibly smexy Black Ducan from Dream of Doll (Again - that wig is ugly and I'm not fussed about his outfit) who'd be awesome as Iffley, Rowan's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-uncle, just about, who got too friendly with a vampire about seven hundred years ago and is still hanging around the family castle.

So - as you already know, my wishes far outstrip my actual doll accumulation (But goddammit I'm trying) or cashflow, but as soon as I can beat photobucket into submission you can all share in my madness. Huzzah!

P.S. See you at JapanEx, if you're going to be there. I'll be the red-headed guy who looks like Inspector Clueso (Aquascutum trench and a fedora - interesting combination) carrying either an Elf Yder, a Juri 2006, or one of a pair of MNF Elf Shiwoos, possibly in Japanese garb. I'm not sure yet, I haven't had much time to sew.
Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
11:39 am
Creature of the Night (Bertie/E.Yder, Sj/NaNuRi, ?/?)
It started off as a bit of harmless fluff, I swear, but a certain newer member of the household started causing trouble. Hopefully you can see why I don't like the Domuya flexi-bodies - this girlie and her brother are going to get CP bodies, and if neccessary I'll mod them to have better posability.

So, without further ado - not work safe, boys snuggling, blah de blah de blah.

What's that coming over the hill, is it a monster?Collapse )
Sunday, May 20th, 2007
7:37 pm
Sex, Lies, and Interesting Underwear (Elf Yder, R.Dillui, Elf Ducan)
Columbia is slowly starting to settle into the household - with... mixed reactions. Also, yes - Isabella really DOES wear all that underneath his dresses. Sometimes more.

Define 'Know Intimately'Collapse )
Sunday, May 6th, 2007
6:44 pm
Lady Marmalade
You may have spotted her in some recent photographs, but at long last I'm ready to introduce our newest housemate... and easily one of the more striking. Not to mention shapely. Incidentally, some of the implications in this photostory show clearly just how long ago it was I actually wrote it. Also a warning for those on dial-up (Presuming dial-up has not now been relegated to the world of urban myths) - we don't quite crack fifty photographs, but it gets close.

Mocha Choca Latte...Collapse )
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