Ash (brsis) wrote in houseofdoll,

The Prince (Elf Yder)

I redid Isabella's face up and body blushing - and finally got around to his war wounds. I shouldn't have favourites, but I think Isabella is probably mine. He's so strikingly beautiful, I love his character, and his backstory is one of my best, I think. Plus he dresses well.

There's a teensy bit of nudity (Nothing racy, just some bare backs and legs). These photos were taken in my conservatory, which is why we found a little friend...

Now, where could he have got those from? You'll find out soon enough...
Tags: isabella, photoshoot
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Good lord, your face ups and blushing have improved astronomically. These are gorgeous.

(Also: much squeein' at the pink monstrosity. Ha, it's Rowan's Dress! I thought we'd never see it again!)