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Two Little Elves From School Are We... (Elf El, MNF Elf Shiwoo)

I haven't got around to doing the photostories introducing them yet, so I thought I'd share a quick couple of pictures introducing my two newest boys.

Meet Neville, my Minifee Elf Shiwoo. At thirteen, Neville is the youngest of my crew so far - and also slightly emo. Bonny's convinced she can beat it out of him.

And one without his wig. That blushing was probably a tad feminine, now I think about it.

Also, please meet Balliol - as in the college, not the demon - zepplin flying sky-pirate elf. Aside from being a dashing aviator, he's also currently putting his thieving skills to good use by stealing clothes from the only remotely masculine members of the household (Namely Rowan and Bertie). He's currently waiting not only on his wardrobe (Largely drawn from Errol Flinn movies) but a wig in the right colour - naturally, the poor sod's as ginger as I am.

And again, wigless to show off his face up, which was done within a few hours of him arriving. If only I could get that sort of enthusiasm together with my floating heads...

They may be different sizes, different skintones, and from completely different universes, but these two get along quite well. After all, Neville needs a better father figure than Bertie or SJ.
Tags: balliol, neville, photoshoot
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"zepplin flying sky-pirate elf"
So many different kinds of awesome and wickedness. ^_^