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Autumn Warrior (DD Mod)

After swearing for nigh on a year that there was no point in getting girl dolls because I'd just dress them exactly the same as the boy dolls (Jack and Isabella being cases in point) except their clothes were more difficult to make, I not only buy two girls in quick succession, but one of them's this girl.

Akikune Nakamura is - well - one of the more unique dolls I've had so far, and that's saying something. Aside from the fact that she never speaks, carries a katana with her everywhere, and wears a 24FFF in bras, she appears to have a relitively normal taste in clothes, given that I have discovered that there is actually no way of photographing that chest tastefully.

Thus follows some not-very-tasteful-but-dammit-I-was-trying photographs, with an extreme warning for copious boobage.

NB: For those of you who noticed, yes - Kiku is (Or rather was) Guide's Ronnie, who's now aaaaaaall mine and slotted very neatly into the ghost of an old RPG character of mine. I'm gonna paint her some Japanese style tattoos (Eventually) and see if I can't find or mod her a pair of OMFG mega high heel feet, just so I can make her insane stripper shoes, although she's actually going to wear boots most of the time.

An evening at home with some light reading (Yes, she does have a knife in her garter)

All geared up for a night on the town (Albeit a night that will end up with dead people in it). Kiku is a softwear programmer working from home by day, and an urban samurai, paranormal investigator and all-round ass-kicker by night.

And proving that, yes, those tits are as huge as you really thought they were.
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