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Portraits (R.Dillui, Too, DDII, M.Censya, NNR06, Juri06 x2, E.Yder, V.E.MNF Shiwoo, Breakaway)

Holy moly that's a lot of dolls. So many I can bearly squish them into the title line, and have just realised than unless you're familiar with the terminology, only in a way that makes no sense. What that's mean to say is that here we have a Romantic Dillui (Columbia), a Too (Jack), a Dolfie Dream II (Akikune), a Mystic Censya (Unknown as of yet), a 2006 NaNuRi (Sj), two 2006 Juri (Again, unknown), an Elf Yder (Isabella), a Vampire Elf Minifee Shiwoo (Osei), and a Breakaway (Lucifer). So now you know.

The batteries on my camera were failing, my rooms are being redecorated and thus looks like crap, and I'd realised that I didn't have decent profile pictures for most of my dolls. Bodyswapping ensued. With some of the heads, like Osei, I've just never really had them out of the box for photos - Kiku has photos but they were done on the fly and are shoddy - Lucifer's brand new - Columbia, being a mysterious shade that neither my old nor my new camera could successfully handle, just doesn't photograph terribly well - and for some strange reason, Sj, Jack and Isabella are camera shy. They're in the photostories as much as the others, but unlike Rowan and Bonny, they just don't seem to naturally end up with really nice, clean, portrait style photographs. Balliol does already, and surprisingly enough so does Kittie, who has an almost total lack of personality so far, but Neville and Bertie are just as shy - I just happen to have sat down with them to take portraits already.

So: Here we are. Portraits!

Now I have a Type II CP body readily avaliable, head switching becomes a matter of seconds, and Isabella's beautiful scars are no longer at risk of being scratched up by Sj *Ahem* mucking around.

Jack's suddenly got fussy about his wigs. For months he was only happy in the blond wig that was about the third wig I ever owned, I finally managed to get him looking semi-alright in an auburn wig with a blunt fringe, and he decides he's a brunette. It might just be that the blond with doesn't go with the pink, but I liked him in that colour.

Columbia, who is almost exactly the worst colour to have to try and photograph. I had to put her in profile otherwise she consistantly had no nose.

Akikune. Boobs. That's about it.

Isabella gets two, because he's so pretty. I've just noticed that the shape of the eyes on Elf Yder and Breakaway are quite similar, which is probably the main reason I like them both so much. I actually prefer the Yder's jawline and mouth, but it was much too soft and noble for the Evil Incarnate which is Lucifer.

Incidentally, I noticed that since I did This photostory, I don't think I've put Isabella in any of his lighter coloured wigs for more than two minutes (Except for the blond ringleted one. But the blond ringlets are special and also technically not Isabella's). I had originally planned - as he's naturally dark but can temporarily lighten his hair - to have him wearing his caramel and brown wigs much more often, but I guess if Icarus wants him in black, Icarus gets him in black.

The nameless Juri. I had originally intended these two to be Ishmael, 'Xauhqui's rescuer and beau, and Artemis, Rowan's mother, but they don't really work as those characters, so I'm back to the drawing board and considering different sculpts. I'm not sure yet about whether or not I want to keep them - It-That-Was-Ishmael may magically undergo a sexchange, as it was always too feminine and never sly, dashingly good looking, and snarky enough to be Ishmael. It-That-Was-Artemis I'm not nearly as sure about.

Osei is my little dead boy. Although he looks like he came off worse in a fight with a maypole, Osei actually comes from a version of the afterlife where people are seperated out depending on how they died. Osei, and his companion (Read: Someone he latched onto and won't leave alone) Miryu meet in the Place of Accident Victims.

Not a face you want to see down a dark alley, even though Osei is pretty harmless. Miryu was in a car crash, and Osei died when his uncle knocked him down the stairs and caved his skull in. As Osei spent most of his fourteen or fifteen years of life being pretty badly abused by the rest of his family and his uncle only knocked him down the stairs because he was beating the crap out of him, Osei secretly thinks he should have gone to the Place of Murder Victims instead. Travel between the Places is technically possible but strictly forbidden for the vast majority of people, and thus rumours circulate about which Places are better or worse than others.

Without his wig so you can see the cuts and bruises (And the ribbons on his ears) better. I'm going to make him some formal Japanese/Korean-style robes, and that's pretty much going to be all he wears. The Place of Accident Victims is fairly average. And bland, and grey - in fact, it's downright boring, and tends to be a little unpleasant because it's full of people for whom death was a total surprise, and whose last few moments are full of pain and fear, and most of them are still pretty badly mangled up.

And the other side. The wound on his head (That's not actually what killed him - his neck's broken as well, but he props himself up quite well with stiff collars and such so not many people notice) is well into his hairline, so I'm going to mod a wig specially. Osei thinks the Place of Murder Victims would be better than the Place of Accident Victims, but in actuality they're more or less on a par - plus the people in the Place of Murder Victims, instead of being bitter and tormented, are largely psychotic and angry. Ayumu, who was Osei's boyfriend (For lack of a better word) before he died and survived another ten years or so, travels from the Place of Suicide Victims to find him. The Place of Suicide Victims is generally worse than most of the other Places he visits, but very, very quiet, as most of the inhabitants are too depressed to even pretend at having 'normal' afterlives.

Kittie's sister turned out to be Kittie's brother. He's a snobby bitch and doesn't say a lot (Except really to say that he's not saying anything) but I'm pretty sure he's a dragon. I'm also getting a good idea of what their names might be now. He's actually been photographed on Kittie's body, but since you can't see her breasts in that picture, use your imagination and know that he's a boy.

And the best for last: Here, finally, is my Prince of Darkness. Lucifer is the original and best, the Lord of Hell himself, and my long yearned for BW Breakaway. He's actually in pieces at the moment, and that photo was taken by putting his head on his torso, knotting the elastic and holding it in place with a knitting needle, and then wrapping a kimono round him. You wouldn't know he had no arms, legs, or indeed no bottom.

Lucifer's getting his face up changed, a new wig and eyes, and I'm making him horns, a tail, and a big pair of bat wings. He's actually based on my interpretation of Lucifer from a story I was (And still am) writing about Hell and the Angels and Demons, where most of the characters are directly referenced off established sources and then I take those and I run with it. I'm not sure why he's here, but I know how he did it (You'll have to wait for the photostories, though) and I know he's not alone.
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