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The House Of Doll

Including The Adventures Of Jack And Bonny, Time Travellors Extraordinaire

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Fantasy And Science Fiction Adventures, With Dolls!
The House Of Doll is a community dedicated to Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, specifically those belonging to Ash (brsis). The occupants of the House of Doll currently include:

Jack and Bonny Wilde DOD Too and Bee-A
Time travellers extraordinaire, Jack and Bonny are the perfect double act - so much so that they're sometimes mixed up. I'll give you a hint - Jack's the one in the dress.

Isabella D'Uruloki Cerberus Project NS Elf Yder
A graceful and elegant elven Prince (Yes, Isabella's actually a man... long story) Isabella dutifully cooks, cleans, tidies, darns, sews and reads Jack his bedtime stories when he's not brushing up on his Italian or practicing his swordplay.

Bertie Wooster Cerberus Project NS Vampire Elf Yder Mod
Named after both the infamous PG Wodehouse character and my cat, Bertie is either a gentleman with cattish tendancies or a feline fuzzball who wears suits.

Rowan Lunenoir Dream Of Doll Fullset Elf Ducan
An evil overlord in training, Rowan is easily the sexiest house mate but also the most insecure. He's the butt of many jokes from Bonny and Sj, but secretly harbours strong feelings for a certain other...

Johnathon Sebastian, AKA Sj Cerberus Project NS NaNuRi
Sj is still only a head but occasionally manages to coerce Isabella into lending him his body... with mixed results. He has a slightly peculiar but devoted relationship with Bertie, is adored by Jack and often gangs up on Rowan with Bonny.

Icarus D'Uruloki Cerberus Project WS Vampire Elf Yder
Isabella's brother, currently a comatose head. Although once he was only seen carried in his sibling's safe hands, recently he hasn't made any appearances and no one has been able to find him.

Alistair and Nathaniel Ricky Demian and Eluid
Faceless heads, Alistair and Nathaniel don't make much of an appearance, usually only glimpsed in the corner of shots or suchlike. Hopefully this soon will change.

Columbia Lunenoir SOOM Cream White Romantic Dillui
Rowan's cousin, showgirl, spoilt brat, and the owner of the only decent pair of breasts in the whole House, Columbia isn't the sharpest knife in the draw - but with looks like that, who needs brains?

Ashley Wilde Human Male (Mostly)
This long suffering specimen spends most of his time, when he's not working like a mad thing to fund his doll habit, sewing, taking photographs or performing complex plastic surgery on resin babies.

Check Out My Dolls On Atziluth, the Ultimate Asian Ball-Jointed Doll Database

Feel free to join the community - it will be growing and changing over the course of the next month or so. As well as photostories, articles, and updates, the House Of Doll community will have all kinds of Friends Only benefits - icons, backgrounds, colourbars and so on.